• Track
    • Weight
    • How much you eat
    • Workouts
    • How much water do you drink
  • Find out your eating habits and how it affects your weight
  • Charts to enable you to correlate your weight with meals, drinks, and workouts
  • Reports to view your historical  meals, weight, workouts, and drinks
  • Email your history and the chart to you dietian ,doctor, personal trainer, or yourself  for review
  • Easy to use and intuitive  user interface

Using iWeightMan you will be able to track your diet habits, workouts and how they affect your weight changes. You can choose to track either the calories you burn though workouts or utilize other measuring schemes like putting a meal point-value based on calories, fat, fiber and other factors. iWeightMan is flexible in enabling you to choose how you track your diet. 

The process starts by setting a target of maximum points that you consume daily. Your target is that total point-value of meals consumed less the point-value of workouts does not exceed that target you set. You can also assign a weekly point allowance in case you exceed the daily target, where the excess would be deducted from the weekly allowance. You should strive not to exceed your daily target and weekly allowances.nisi, et aliquam quam ligula eget dui. Suspendisse lectus lorem, varius vel dapibus a, vestibulum a eros. Sed sed magna in neque commodo pretium.

With iWeightMan on your iPhone or iPad it is easy to keep track of your diet habits, workouts, no need to log on to a web site, or internet access.